Weekly Sale! MagFloat Cleaners!

Hate having to reach your hand into the tank to clean the glass? Try using a MagFloat magnetic cleaner!

MagFloat cleaners have an internal and an external side, held together by powerful magnets. The internal side goes in your aquarium and has a rough scrubbing surface. The external side has a soft felt surface. If the two are disconnected, the internal side floats to the top of your aquarium for easy retrieval! All you need to do to clean is move the external side while the internal side scrubs the glass for you! MagFloat cleaners are simply the easiest tool to keep your aquarium glass clean.

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Mention the keyword at checkout! Offer valid: Tuesday (1/13/14) through Sunday (1/18/14)

This offer expires 6 business days from the date of this posting. Not valid with any other offers or discounts. Limit one discount per customer. Maximum two items or less per promotion unless otherwise stated. Customer must mention promotional keyword at time of checkout to be eligible to receive this discount.

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