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About Us

The True Percula, one of the largest full service tropical fish stores in North Texas, is conveniently situated in Arlington, Texas, in the heart of the Ft. Worth / Dallas Metropolitan area. It is a location where the majesty and beauty of underwater life can be viewed and appreciated.

Freshwater and saltwater specimens are uniquely displayed in a spacious 2,000 square foot central aquarium gallery which is equally divided into two areas: the freshwater gallery offers a large selection of freshwater fish, including African cichlids, and live plants; the marine gallery offers saltwater fish, corals and invertebrates from all over the world. The focal point of the gallery is a spectacular 1,200 gallon marine aquarium which sits at the gallery entrance: simulating a living reef, it can be viewed full circle at eye level.

Healthy Livestock and Knowledgeable Staff are hallmarks of The True Percula. Top priority is given to the welfare of the livestock. Freshwater and saltwater specialists are available seven days a week to assist customers with their aquarium needs, answer specific questions, and offer sound advice.

The True Percula wants your aquarium experience to be enjoyable and rewarding.