Weekly Sale! Aquarium Decorations!

We found Dory at The True Percula! To celebrate, we are offering 15% OFF off all resin tank decorations, including our new line of characters from Finding Dory! Stop in today and find your own unique aquarium style! Just mention the code below at checkout! Keyword: Just-Keep-Swimming! Mention the keyword at checkout! Offer valid: Monday […]

Weekly Sale! SERA Foods!

At The True Percula we are always on the lookout for high-quality foods that keep your fish active and healthy. That’s why we are now carrying SERA foods! With more than 40 years experience manufacturing easy to use products and foods for Freshwater, Marine, and Pond systems, SERA has you covered! We love their products […]


CYCLOP-EEZE is back in stock! This frozen food is about as good as it gets for feeding most coral and small fish! Availability varies greatly, so drop in at The True Percula and pick up a pack for your aquarium today!

New Aqua UV Sterilizers In Stock!

We just got several new Aqua Ultraviolet UV Sterilizers in! UV sterilizers help control algae, bacteria, and protozoa growth in your aquarium and can help to clarify your water. Below is a list of details about these sterilizers: Aqua UV Classic 8W: Freshwater Pond Clarifier: 1500g, Freshwater Pond Sterilizer: 5-200g, Saltwater Sterilizer: 70g Aqua UV […]

New Rock and Driftwood Available!

We just got a shipment of new rock and driftwood in! Our shipment included ample amounts of: Limestone Holy Rock ($2/lb) Red Lace Rock ($2/lb) Slate Rock ($2.95/lb) Colorado Flat Rock ($2/lb) Green Mountain Rock ($2/lb) and Texas Driftwood! Check out the gallery below and come visit The True Percula today!