Weekly Sale! Frozen Food!

We’re offering 10% OFF all frozen foods for a limited time! We have a wide variety of frozen foods to select from, including the products from the following lines: Cyclopeeze, PE Mysis, Rod’s, San Francisco Bay, Ocean Nutrition, Hikari, IQF, and H20 Life. We have something for every tank! Just mention the code below at […]

Weekly Sale! Aquarium Decorations!

We found Dory at The True Percula! To celebrate, we are offering 15% OFF off all resin tank decorations, including our new line of characters from Finding Dory! Stop in today and find your own unique aquarium style! Just mention the code below at checkout! Keyword: Just-Keep-Swimming! Mention the keyword at checkout! Offer valid: Monday […]

Weekly Sale! Sand & Gravel!

We have a HUGE selection of sand, gravel, and crushed coral in a variety of colors! Now is the time to stock up, because for limited time every bag is 15% OFF! Just mention the code below at checkout! Keyword: sand-sale! Mention the keyword at checkout! Offer valid: Monday (5/23/16) through Sunday (5/29/16). This offer […]

Weekly Sale! Refractometers!

When it comes to maintaining a marine aquarium, proper salinity is crucial for the heath and survival of your corals and fish. That’s why refractometers are a must have for all aquarium hobbyists! For a limited time take 20% OFF of the purchase of a refractometer! Don’t know how to use a refractometer? No problem! […]

Weekly Sale! Spirulina 20 Flake Food!

What you choose to feed your fish matters! That’s why we recommend Spirulina 20 Flake Food for your aquarium! With seven major vitamins, rich raw protein, essential fatty acids, eight amino acids, and natural color-enhancing pigments – you can’t go wrong! For a limited time take 20% OFF any sizes of Spirulina 20 Flake Food! […]

Weekly Sale! Backup Air Pumps!

Have you ever lost livestock to a power outage? Battery-backup air pumps can be great for keeping your tank inhabitants alive during times when you can’t run a standard pump. The Silent Air B-10 air pump is strictly battery powered, while the B11 air pump plugs in and will automatically switch to battery power in […]

Weekly Sale! Decorative Plants!

We just got an amazing selection of decorative plants in at The True Percula! Whether you are setting up a new tank or wanting to spruce up your current aquarium, now is the time to stock up! For a limited time only, we are offering 15% off all Tideline and Penn-Plax plastic plants! Stop in […]

Weekly Sale! AquaClear Power Filters & Media!

Since 1987, AquaClear has been producing the world’s best clip-on aquarium filters. Their great quality and easy-to-use design make them a customer and employee favorite for all freshwater aquariums! That’s why we’ve chosen them for our weekly sale! For a limited time receive 15% off all AquaClear Power Filters and AquaClear Filter Media! Stop in […]

Weekly Sale! Gravel Vacuums & Water Changers!

Aquarium maintenance should be as simple as possible. Owning basic tools like gravel vacuums and water changers can make cleaning your tank a quick and easy part of your weekly routine. At The True Percula we carry a range of equipment. Whether you are needing a 5″ mini gravel vacuum for your nano tank, or […]

Weekly Sale! Marine Algae & Algae Clips!

Providing your omnivores with algae sheets is an important part of keeping your marine fish fat, happy, and healthy. Whether you are looking for a small pack for one inhabitant or a bulk pack for a whole school, The True Percula has you covered! Stop in this week and get 20% off any True Percula […]

Weekly Sale! SERA Foods!

At The True Percula we are always on the lookout for high-quality foods that keep your fish active and healthy. That’s why we are now carrying SERA foods! With more than 40 years experience manufacturing easy to use products and foods for Freshwater, Marine, and Pond systems, SERA has you covered! We love their products […]

Special! Free California Blackworms!

Looking for a great live food for your fish? Now through Wednesday (August 19th), we’ve decided to give away FREE samples of live California blackworms! Also, we’re running a Buy-One-Get-One special for tablespoons of blackworms while supplies last! Stop in and visit The True Percula today and get your free sample! This offer expires Wednesday […]