Cichlid Christmas Sale!

We currently have a Christmas special going on our cichlids! ALL African cichlids are on sale for 20% off until December 24th, 2014! We’ve got a great variety of cichlids currently in stock, including: Azureus Cichlid Obliquiden Blue Maingano Female Sunshine Peacock Demasoni (Pseudotropheus) Red Peacock Rusty Cichlid Taiwan Reef Steveni Flameback Cichlid Blue Socolofi […]

True Percula Gift Cards!

Know someone who loves aquariums, but not sure what to get them? True Percula gift cards are perfect for any holiday or occasion! Simply approach one of our friendly employees at the register and tell them you would like a True Percula gift card. It’s that easy! Stop by and visit The True Percula today!

New Aqua UV Sterilizers In Stock!

We just got several new Aqua Ultraviolet UV Sterilizers in! UV sterilizers help control algae, bacteria, and protozoa growth in your aquarium and can help to clarify your water. Below is a list of details about these sterilizers: Aqua UV Classic 8W: Freshwater Pond Clarifier: 1500g, Freshwater Pond Sterilizer: 5-200g, Saltwater Sterilizer: 70g Aqua UV […]

Weekly Sale! Frozen Foods!

We’re offering 10% OFF frozen foods for a limited time! We have a wide variety of frozen foods to select from, including the products from the following lines: Cyclopeeze, PE Mysis, San Francisco Bay, Ocean Nutrition, Hikari, IQF, and H20 Life. Just mention the code below at the checkout! Stop by and visit The True […]

Weekly Sale! AquaVitro Aquarium Tools

We have the new AquaVitro tool sets in! Currently, we have everything but a couple frag tools in stock (we’ll have them soon!). We also carry many of the other high-quality AquaVitro product lines, and our pricing is VERY competitive! These tools would make a PERFECT stocking stuffer! As an added bonus, we’re offering 10% […]

Pukani Liverock Sale!

We’re currently running a special on our Pukani live rock! Pukani is a very high-quality, porous, and lightweight live rock. It’s great for both base rock and decorative purposes and comes in a variety of unique shapes and sizes. With our sale price, our Pukani rock is only $6.99/lb! We also have plenty of slab […]

New Freshwater & Saltwater Shipments In!

We just got new shipments in for both freshwater and saltwater! Below is a list of our new livestock and a gallery featuring some of the fish. Stop in and claim yours today! Imperator Angel Multicolor Angel Racoon Butterfly Copperband Butterfly Tribal Blenny Crowntail Betta Male Dwarf Gourami Green Lantern Platy Cherry Barb Bleekeri Cichlid […]

Coral Frags Galore!

We currently have PLENTY of coral frags ready to go! Browse the gallery below for few examples of our frags with pricing! Keep in mind we literally have HUNDREDS of different frags and coral types! Drop in and visit The True Percula today to claim yours! Alveopora – Sm=$24.99, M=$34.99 Super Mario Sunshine Chalice – […]

New Rock and Driftwood Available!

We just got a shipment of new rock and driftwood in! Our shipment included ample amounts of: Limestone Holy Rock ($2/lb) Red Lace Rock ($2/lb) Slate Rock ($2.95/lb) Colorado Flat Rock ($2/lb) Green Mountain Rock ($2/lb) and Texas Driftwood! Check out the gallery below and come visit The True Percula today!

Perc Points Update!

Perc Points Update! A change long in the making, The True Percula has decided to revamp it’s rewards points system! Not only will you hit your rewards points award TWICE as often, but the discount is TWICE as much! So, once you reach only 250 points, you will receive a coupon for 20% off your […]

New Tutorial! Drip Acclimation

Drip Acclimation Proper acclimation is absolutely vital when introducing new livestock to your aquarium. The True Percula recommends the drip acclimation method for both saltwater and freshwater additions. It is considered the best and safest method for all fish and invertebrates, including coral. The water in your tank will differ in PH, salinity, and temperature […]

New Website!

The True Percula just updated it’s website! We have exciting new changes planned for the future. If you’re interested in any sales or events we might have, please head over to our home page and sign up for e-mail updates! Also, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter!